” I don’t know if it’s Lagos or Abuja” BBTitans Khosi fails to reveal where her boyfriend lives


BBTitans Khosi is currently trending for revealing that she does not know where exactly her boyfriend lives in Nigeria.While having a conversation with a fellow housemate, Blaqboi in the kitchen, the controversial housemate disclosed her eagerness to come to Nigeria.Khosi shares that she will stay in her boyfriend’s house in Nigeria. Blaqboi asks where her boyfriend lives. She reveals she has no idea where he lives between Lagos and Abuja, but has now moved to Igboland.Her reaction has set tongues wagging on social media, as many have opined that she’s telling tales.

See their conversation below;

Khosi: I’m coming to Nigeria for club appearances and I’ll stay in my boyfriend’s house…he has a house and a car

Blaqboi: Is it in Lagos or Abuja?

Khosi: I don’t know if it’s Lagos or Abuja but he stayed there before he moved to “igboland”…it’s between Lagos or Abuja…I really like Nigeria

Blaqboi: that is why you like Nigerian men

Khosi: This is so embarrassing , I know South Africans feel a type of way about that and it’s not good cause they won’t vote me

By Nneoma Chisom



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